Our Values

At Adore Floors, we believe in several principles that help guide our vision and people to success.





Our History

Adore Floors are the world’s leading manufacturer of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) with over 35 years experience, supplying customers with LVT, SPC & Rigid Core flooring to distributers, contractors and the DIY market throughout the world. The US Head office is in Long Island New York. The European Head Office is in Dublin Ireland, with further offices in the UK and Belgium, with our European Distribution centre also in Belgium.

We appreciate that business is market-driven, and we work diligently with our sales networks and channels. It is a vital part of our business model to ensure that the appropriate tools are available. As part of our philosophy and culture, we continue to innovate our business practices to ensure the success of our partners.

Our Factory

We are long-time advocates of environmental responsibility in technologies and features. In fact, we have practiced advanced recycling and other sustainable measures throughout our entire existence. Our factory in China is taking the innovative steps into minimising our environmental footprint by having 95,000 sqm solar panels covering the rooftops of our workshops. Each year we generate 12,000,000 kwh of electricity, saving around $1,700,000 every year. The panels can last up to 25 years, meaning efficient energy use without disrupting the process of creating great quality products and impacting the environment.

All of our factories have passed rigorous standards required for the production of our flooring and have Adore quality controllers and administration staff at each factory.

Our Environmental Impact

As the leading Europe flooring company, we have a responsibility of thinking of innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact, so we have made all of our packaging recyclable. We are proud to reveal that we are working towards all of our pallets, used to help transport our products, will be 100% Bamboo wood. This material is naturally grown to form a strong fibre that makes it reliable as well as lightweight. Bamboo can easily be broken down into pulp and can even be used in gardens with multiple purposes, such as a barrier to hold water and nutrients and to prevent weeds from growing.

Our Future

Adore is investing on its development in future products to launch in the coming years, in both automated machinery and technology. Adore already in advanced development of new and exciting products for the future. This will cover the next few years of flooring developments on improvement to a finished product. Adore is committed to provide excellent products in both quality and price whilst maintaining innovative research and development pushing the industry in both 21st century design and technology. We are committed to work closely with our partners in future design and developments with the intention of growing our European, Asian and Middle Eastern sales as we have done in the USA since 1979.

Adore Floors Offices

  1. Republic of Ireland (Head Office)
  2. England
  3. Portugal
  4. Spain
  5. France
  6. Italy
  7. Germany
  8. Czech Republic
  9. Poland
  10. Russia
  11. Middle East UAE
  12. India
  13. Belgium
  14. Denmark
  15. Switzerland

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