Adore Floors offer easy solutions to the unique requirements of the retail sector. Flooring is a vital part of enhancing the customers brand and is one of the most important visual aspects of any store or outlet. Not only do Adore offer a wide selection of styles and colours but just as important are technical requirements necessary for retail installations. For refurbishment work many Adore products can be laid directly onto existing floors, allowing instant visible uplift without the problems associated with removing existing flooring.

Resilient flooring, is a solid solution to retail needs.  The mechanical floor height offers zero transition from surface plane to surface plane, facilitating patterning for the use of space definition.  Technologies enhance durability on the surface and in the wear layer for better resistance to indentation and overall appearance retention and is 100% recyclable.

Key Features:

  • Durable, tough wearing and ease of long term maintenance.
  • Scratch and scuff resistant surface coatings with anti-bacterial.
  • Superior indentation resistance.
  • Slip Resistance and very tough water resistance.
  • Multiple patterns, colours and sizes.