Our Ranges

Adore Floors high performance self-adhesive and click-down ranges are ideal for commercial and domestic use. Our Monarch, MonarchSP, Sovereign and SovereignRE range are click-down systems. Majestik flooring has a self adhesive layer to provide reusability and versatility. Click a range below for more information and installation instructions.

Our products include:

Lifetime Guarantee
Sound Absorption*
Scratch Resistant
Advanced Stability
Light & Heat Stability
Pet Friendly
Efficient Installation
Water Resistant
Mould & Mildew Resistant

Why Buy From Adore?

Adore Floors are a worldwide company with head offices in Ireland and the USA, and additional offices in the UK, Belgium and Middle East. Our sales staff in most countries are able to support customers together with technical assistance.

Adore controls its own factory for production therefore, we believe we have higher quality control standards that comply with all European and British standards. We have our own quality controllers and admin staff to assist with product leaving the factory.

We combine innovative technology, superior quality and creative design in the development, manufacturing, delivery and support of all our Adore products. We manufacture SPC and LVT quality flooring lines suitable for residential, light commercial and heavy commercial use.

Product Features

All Adore products are produced with the latest technology on new machinery in continuous line production, which means our products can be installed immediately.

Most of Adore products are supplied with their own build in underlay which cuts down on the time the installers require to fit the floor as no separate underlay is required. The Adore planks and tiles can be laid one by one, with the most modern locking system.

Acclimatisation Features

Products can be laid in large areas, up to 400 sq meters, without any joining strips and can be exposed to direct heat sunlight up to 85 degrees C, without any problems to the flooring. However, we do recommend for long term to protect of continued exposure to direct sunlight for fading onto the flooring. The finished products have excellent stability, rigid core only. Under normal conditions no acclimation is required. Majestik only needs to be acclimatised.

The Rigid Core products are water resistant that requires no acclimatisation and the flooring is not affected by expansion/contraction. Therefore a very minimal gap is required around the perimeter of the room to allow for movement in the floor itself. However you should allow for movement of the subfloor.

Environmental Features

Adore products are made of all virgin material that are 100% recyclable to help reduce our ecological footprint.

Underfloor Heating

When you arrange for the installation of underfloor heating or you may already have an existing system, then we would recommend that you make a note of your manufacturer and also the model. Your Adore flooring installer will then need to make sure that your heating system is compatible with our Adore flooring.

In addition Adore will provide full guidance to our flooring installers about sub floor and also adhesive preparation when laying over Adore flooring over Karndean floors over underfloor heating systems.

Adore flooring is much warmer and more comfortable to walk on than ceramic tiles or stone flooring. Adore flooring can be laid over underfloor heating systems for extra warmth. Adore flooring is suitable for installing over underfloor heating systems, they should have been insulated so that surface temperature does not exceed 27°C (80F).

Quality and Value of Services

Adore has its own factories, therefore is subject to rigorous quality checks on a continual monitoring, during all production. Samples are retained from every batch which are analysed by our in-house laboratory, which has the most modern testing equipment available. Adore inspectors are constantly checking product for any defects which can then be isolated to make sure the goods are being despatched of the highest quality and meet our customers expectation.

Adore can offer clients (for any projects above 2750m2) any colour, pattern and design they desire. Adore uses only exclusive films in production that require at least 2750m2 but this is also around the volume sent in a standard 20ft container.

Adore Floors gives a guarantee that all batches produced are inspected from the beginning of the process with the films being checked for any colour variation. All our products are controlled within tight, strict and rigid standards.

If any complaint or question needs to be answered, we have dedicated staff on the spot to support our customers. Both in the field and in our offices.


To support our containers arriving to our customers across Europe and the Middle East, Adore have taken steps to stock our product ranges in our Belgium warehouse, so that any delays on shipment or shortages that customers need prompt assistance with, these items can be delivered within 36 hours across Europe.

For more information on warranties and other legal information please click here.